Ride Code

It’s up to everyone attending DOCWA rides to look out for themselves and others. Please take the following ride code guidelines on board. And remember, what the Organiser says, goes.

For the individual

  1. Arrive ready to ride: fueled, alert, protected and prepared.
  2. Ensure your motorcycle is roadworthy
  3. Ride in a responsible respectful manner
  4. Ride your own ride, at your own pace. Do NOT attempt to keep up with others if this is not comfortable for you.
  5. Do not overtake on the left in a single lane.
  6. Ride in staggered formation where practical.
  7. Keep your distance and focus on the road
  8. Tell others if you’re leaving the ride group
  9. Help others enjoy the event

For the Organiser / Ride Captain

  1. Appoint a sweeper (and supporting ride captain/s if the riding group is large).
  2. Obtain details (and emergency contacts) of all riders.
  3. Welcome everyone, especially first-timers, visitors and new members.
  4. Declare objectives toward a safe, social, learning and enjoyable experience.
  5. Conduct rider’s briefing and review the guidelines for individuals.
  6. Advise route and assembly points (provide map if possible).
  7. Advise turnoff protocol (eg corner marking).
  8. Identify and challenge “at risk” behaviour, and request individuals leave the ride if they are not abiding by individual guidelines.